You will find lots of React Native components and libraries created by the community of developers on sites like and Native Directory. Uber started out as a simple alternative to taxi services, allowing their clients to easily get from place to place. They eventually made the decision to include food delivery to their list of services, launching Uber Eats that works similarly to apps like Doordash. The final proof of React Native’s suitability for cross-platform app development—for which it is now essentially known—came from the outstanding UX Facebook Ads provides. In this article, we’ll list the top React Native apps, their features, and the reasons why they’ve been so successful.

react native based mobile application

Performance is always important – when using React Native we keep to the best practices and verify the application’s speed before the end of each project. When it comes to React Native we don’t cut corners – each application contains only necessary libraries, making it lightweight and easy to extend in the future. Flexible and scalable – you can adapt React Native as much, or as little as you need.

Wix & React Native

Using React Native, you can build a highly responsive and fluid mobile UI, thanks to its asynchronous JavaScript interactions with the native environment. This, in turn, results in lower app load time than a typical hybrid app. React Native is an open-source framework for cross-platform mobile application development. Created by Facebook in March of 2015, it’s used to develop applications for iOS, Android, and Microsoft UWP.

Here is the step-to-step guide to creating a successful mobile app using React Native. These are the few outstanding features of React Native that make it stand apart from other cross-platform frameworks. Here are the few reasons making React Native is a winning choice for app development. React Native automatically refreshes code, accelerating the release of new product features. Other companies have used this distinction to their benefit and in return, rather than sacrificing performance and functionality, they’ve made grand improvements on both ends.

Level Up Coding

With React Native, it is good if your partner has some experience in building native apps as well. Facebook apps for iOS and Android are not the only ones relying on React Native. Instagram started exploring React Native in 2016, and in their blog post, they also expressed it allowed their product teams to ship features native mobile application faster on both platforms, iOS and Android. They also shared the percentage of code shared between the apps which was directed at improving developer velocity. So finally get started with the building process of React Native App, our team of mobile app developers recommended you to go and install react-native-cli.

  • Your investment into a team will depend on the size of your project, and the levels of features you wish to implement.
  • As a React Native mobile app development company, you can quickly build apps partly in React Native and partly in native code.
  • You can solve the memory leakage problem in an Android app by using scrolling lists like SectionList, FlatList, and VirtualList.
  • The organization required highly adjustable navigation and screen choices, as well as a codebase that was well-maintained and updated.

React Native libraries such as Redux (for handling your app’s state) and Awesome React Native will also help you complete your mobile app development work faster. You can write mobile applications that look and feel genuinely “native,” all from the familiarity of a JavaScript library that we love. React Native has also been implemented into Airbnb’s mobile app. When they first started using the framework, they realized that integrating with existing native apps was expensive, but ultimately paid off.

React Native Performance – Is It Good? How to Optimize It?

You may be familiar with SoundCloud, a platform that allows musicians to upload their music and share it with the world without the need for an external publisher. With over 80 million artists and 200 million tracks, it is one of the biggest music communities on the web. No matter what device you use to view it on, Townske’s interface is incredibly fast and smooth thanks to its unique focus among the other frameworks. Surprisingly enough, Facebook Ads was the first app to use React Native before even Facebook itself.

Taking a look at the number of smartphone users worldwide is impressive. According to Statista , 83.40% of the global population (6.648 billion) owns a smartphone, with 59.12% of the share belonging to Apple and 26.44% to Samsung. So you can see the vast business potential for companies that reach their customers through mobile applications.

Examples of Successful Companies Using React Native in 2023

Its streamlined development process can help businesses reduce costs while delivering better user experiences, driving engagement and revenue. Facebook, committed to delivering a better mobile experience, endeavored to create a solution to the issue. React Native, the proposed solution, allows developers to build native mobile apps but relies solely on one language – JavaScript. Most developers agree that native apps are the way to go when it comes to building mobile applications. Within a few years of its release, React Native has become a hot favorite of the mobile app development industry, and rightly so.

react native based mobile application

Developing it will require a team on-hand to help you get your idea off the ground, and online. You can achieve this by building up an in-house team, or by completely outsourcing your project. When building your dream app with React Native, you can opt for Safari or Chrome development tools. Developers will write for one operating system, and quickly transfer this knowledge to get a head start on the next operating system.

What does it mean for your app?

Rest, it would be recommended to hire a mobile app development company that helps you develop a fully-functional app that perfectly fits your business needs. Originally, React-Native was developed tosupport iOS, and today it has swiftly extended its support to the Android operating system as well. Since this Javascript library can provide mobile UIs for both platforms, it is an obvious choice to build react-native apps for Facebook and its other similar verticals requiring app services. React Native is a JavaScript-based mobile app framework that allows users to build natively-rendered mobile apps on iOS and Android with the same codebase. The apps that are produced with React Native for your mobile app development are compatible with a variety of browsers.